Meet Our Team


Linda | Hygienist

My name is Linda. I am one of the dental hygienist in this progressive, multi-faceted practice. Started my career in dentistry as an airman and dental technician in the U.S. Air Force in 1974. I never looked back. Received my license in 1984 in Dental Hygiene and still love what I do. Traveling and exploring new places is one of my passions. I am bilingual in Spanish and hope to learn French someday. Married to a wonderful man and we share diving and cruising and a love for cooking. We are oenophiles with a yearning to taste the wineries in Australia someday. Don’t be surprised if you see my double as I am an identical twin. I am sure all my experience and passion for what I do will be reflected in the care you receive.


Lisa | Hygienist

Lisa has been practicing dental hygienist for more than 25 years. When not in the office, she savors spending time with her family and manages to hit the gym almost every morning. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, biking, hiking and kayaking. Quiet time at home usually involves a good book or making jewelry or playing with her two dogs, Chile and Huck.


Karen | Assistant

Hi my name is Karen I am one of the dental assistants at Lone Mountain Family Dental. I have been in the dental field for over 20 years and I love every minute of it. As one of the newest members of the Lone Mountain team, I am always excited to learn and expand my knowledge in dentistry. In my spare time I like to hike, work out and spend time on my computer. I call Las Vegas my home since I have been here since 1975 although I have spent a lot of time overseas. With a father in the military I had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling. My favorite place? Germany since that is my birthplace.


Doug | Assistant

Hi my name is Doug and I am a dental assistant at Lone Mountain Family Dental. I have 10 years experience as both a dental assistant and lab technician. I have fabricated dentures, crowns and custom implant abutments. I enjoy the overall process of fabrication; from the early stages of design to the final stages of craftsmanship. Being a dental assistant allows me the luxury of meeting and helping wonderful people. I enjoy trying to ease their fears to changing the entire outlook of what they see when they smile. In my spare time, I love to be at home with my wife and children, working on my truck, my house, and my yard. Also, I enjoy going to old 50’s hot rod car shows.