What is Invisalign?


Invisalign® Clear Braces are see-through aligners that help straighten your teeth for a beautiful smile.

If you suffer from crowding, gaps, or crooked teeth, you may have considered traditional braces. Invisalign® treatment works like traditional braces to align your teeth, but the clear, BPA-free material makes the process more discreet and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a convenient, comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces, Invisalign® clear braces may be the answer for you!

What Are the Benefits?

There are so many compelling reasons to choose clear braces instead of traditional metal ones. When you choose Invisalign® clear braces, you can have treatment that is:

  • Subtle. The nearly see-through material is hard to spot and can be discreetly worn throughout your treatment. In fact, some may not notice you’re wearing aligners at all!
  • Convenient. Invisalign® braces are removable, which makes eating and brushing your teeth easy. Take them off, brush, and slide them back on. It’s that simple.
  • Comfortable. No metal means no wire breakage that can result in irritation and/or damage to your cheeks, gums, and tongue.
  • Low-Maintenance. Invisalign® Clear Braces require visits only every four to six weeks, far fewer dental visits than with traditional metal braces!
  • Freedom! Eat all the foods you like! You don’t have to worry about staining or wire damage because the aligners are removable.
  • Increased Confidence! As your teeth straighten, you may find yourself smiling more, which can boost your self-confidence.

Invisalign® treatment is a wonderful way to get the straight smile you have always wanted!

invisaligngirlHow does it work?

It begins with a visit to your dentist. You will be evaluated and diagnosed. Using pictures, x-rays, and impressions, 3-D images will be created and used to design a custom treatment plan. Custom aligners will be delivered to our office.

You wear your aligners throughout the day and night. You switch out your set of aligners for the next one about every two weeks to gradually move your teeth into proper positions.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

The average treatment lasts between nine to sixteen months, though treatment time may vary from case to case. It is recommended that aligners be used 20-22 hours per day. Dental visits are scheduled about every four to six weeks, so your dentist can monitor your progress.

Straighter Smiles from Your Las Vegas Dentist!

Lone Mountain Family Dental is proud to provide Invisalign® clear braces! Dr. Joshua Etman is a dentist in Las Vegas who has the experience necessary to give you that smile you’ve always wanted. Call for an appointment today!