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Too often we hear about and experience negative situations concerning health care. It’s easy to be left feeling that no one truly cares. That is far from the case when it comes to my amazing dentist.

I had a dental emergency pop up on Wednesday that needed immediate treatment. My dentist, Dr. Joshua Etman, and his wonderful staff at Lone Mountain Family Dental jumped into action to take care of me. When the services of an endodontist was needed, they called until they got me a next morning appointment. They refused to accept a week-long wait knowing I was in pain.

Dr. Russel Christensen and his staff at Las Vegas Endodotics gave me wonderful care. Despite only just meeting me, they were 100% ready to help. He was thorough, friendly, and more concerned about what was best for me than making money on what could have racked up thousands of dollars.

Within 40 minutes of leaving Dr. Christensen’s office, I was back in Dr. Etman’s chair being treated. When I called, I didn’t have to plead to be seen. I was encouraged and welcomed because their patients matter.

If you haven’t established a good gentle family dentist, you should definitely meet the caring and compassionate health professionals at Lone Mountain Family Dental.

Pamela C.


I have a significant fear of the dentist which has caused me to delay treatments and change dentist frequently. Needing to get work done before my insurance expired I decided to give Lone Mountain Dental a try.

Wow! The entire staff from front to back are friendly , kind, gentle, & patient. I HIGHLY recommend this practice for all ages & levels of dental fear 🙂

Selina E.

This place is awesome. Even though I was a new patient they were able to see me the next day. Everyone from the front office staff right down to the Dr. himself are extremely professional and attentive. They listen to what you have to say. They don’t try to up-sell you on things you may not need. They are honest and I totally trust them. I highly recommend them.

Beth Y.

If you are truly looking for a FAMILY practice…look no further. I’m genuinely pleased with Lone Mountain. In the past, I have had the same dentist for 15 years here in Vegas. When my dentist retired, I was devastated. I wasn’t up for the search of a new dentist or hygienist. In the interim, I unfortunately found assembly line practices looking to make a buck. So sad, but these types of dental practices exist.

Lone Mountain is an honest family practice. No surprises expense wise here at Lone Mountain.

Hygienist Linda has ssssoooooo much experience. She is an absolute hoot!!! I wish I could have my teeth cleaned more often just so I could visit with her!

Make an appointment with Lone Mountain, you won’t be disappointed. From the check in/out staff to the hygienist to the dentist, they are superb!!!

Sue S.

After meeting this staff at the gym I attend while they were promoting their location. They made a lasting impression on me. I set up my appointment and went for a cleaning and I was not disappointed with the staff Karen was awesome and Shannon explained to me my benefits line by line which made me feel like family not just a patient. Dr. Etman skills were above reproach I have been to dentist throughout the US and none compared to him. Thank you and I would recommend this place to everyone. You want a place where you feel like family this is the place.


I highly recommend Lone Mountain Family Dental. The whole entire staff are friendly and helpful. I was able to make an appointment easy with their flexible hours for a cleaning. The hygienist made me feel comfortable and was gentle. I even received a cool gift bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a Chapstick.

Bianca W.

I had gone to the Lone Mountain dental office for 6 yrs., but due to personal circumstances I hadn’t been there in 2 yrs. I wear dentures, an upper full & a bottom partial and my partial broke. Called for an appointment & got in right away. At the time, I didn’t know Dr. Kennedy had retired, a new dentist, Dr. Joshua Etman was the new dentist. I met with Dr. Etman & Doug, dental assistant. The care & professional attitude was amazing. I asked about having new dentures, due to the fact I had my present dentures for 10 yrs. & were showing wear. Dr. Etman & Doug explained the procedure in detail. There was no pressure from either gentlemen in making a decision. I made the best decision ever to have new dentures. The time, patients, & professionalism they took with me & the entire process was fantastic! Lisa, the hygienist, cleaned my remaining teeth with care & helped to make my new smile one to be proud of! Everyone in Dr. Etman’s office – assistants, hygienists & front office staff were kind & caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Etman & his staff to everyone. Thank you from a very happy patient!!

E. Kelleher

This place is awesome! They were able to take me on as a new client and schedule me for a next day appointment. They are extremely professional! Everyone from the front desk staff right down to the Dr. himself are amazing! I highly recommend this place!!!

B. Yozze

I just met with Dr Joshua Etman the other day as I lost two back crowns the week before, that was with me for many years. I was recommended by a friend to go to Lone Mountain Family Dental, and when I called I was able to get an appointment quickly.and I am happy to say that it was the best recommendation one could have ever given to me. The Office is one of the nicest professional layout I have seen in years, spotless and bright too, and I felt extremely comfortable there the minute I walked into the reception area. Unfortunately I had to loose the two permanent teeth as they could not be saved. The extraction process was painless and I didn’t have any after problem. The Good Doctor sent me home with two RX’s, one for pain and the other, an antibiotic just to be safe, I was really Honored that Dr Etman called me the night after the extractions to see how I was doing. I hope that Dr Etman continues his good work along with his very talented Assistants and Office Staff for many years to come. I will return to Lone Mountain Family Dental for all my future Care.

Wally H.

The staff was great, the Dental Assistants were knowledgeable and friendly. Most of all Dr. Etman, DDS has been the best Dentist I have gone to. I hate going to the dentist but he always puts me at ease. But most of all he never makes me feel like he’s trying to up-sale me on other services. He always attend to my current need and makes suggestions of preventative things to do in the future. Never feel like I’m waiting around and always gets me in and out in a timely manner! Great Job!

Edward W.

After needing a dental check-up, I stumbled across Lone Mountain Family Dental. I have only lived in Vegas for about a year and half, but I definitely found my new hygienist and dentist. Lisa, the hygienist, did an amazing job. She was friendly, thorough, and knowledgable. It was one of the best cleanings I have ever had. Also, Dr Etman was professional and seemed like he really cared. Instead of over charging and just filling teeth, he mentioned that I could try using fluoride rinses and MI paste for six months to try to remineralize the start of cavities. Overall, everyone in the office is very welcoming and friendly. Also, it was awesome getting a cleaning while getting to watch my favorite channel, HGTV!

Kayla B.

I went to Dr. Etman’s office for my first dental exam and teeth cleaning in over two years. When I walked through the front door of Dr. Etman’s office, I was having mixed emotions, even though I walked in with an open mind I was feeling all different sorts of thing such as nervous, overwhelmed, and scared all at the same time. With so many things going through my head Dr. Etman made me feel welcomed and very comfortable. After my teeth cleaning my teeth felt like they have never felt before. I wish that I could get Dr. Etman to clean my teeth every day. Overall I would recommend him to anyone who was in need of a teeth cleaning or any kind of dental work.

Lori H.